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ISO 11092 (800819) Thermal and Water-Vapour Resistance Meter

ISO 11092 (800819) Thermal and Water-Vapour Resistance MeterISO 11092 (800819) Thermal and Water-Vapour Resistance Meter
ISO 11092 (800819) Thermal and Water-Vapour Resistance Meter

This device is used for measurement of thermal resistance and evaporative resistance of textile materials (Ret, Rct) in accordance with standard EN ISO 11092 (800819) Textiles - Physiological effects - Measurement of thermal and water-vapour resistance under steady-state conditions (sweating guarded hotplate test)

The device is inserted into climate chamber, which ensures a constant temperature and humidity of the ambient air. There is a a special heated, partially water-vapour transmissive plate inside the device. The plate is automatically moistened and heated and thus simulates the properties of sweaty skin. The board is mounted on an electrically positionable platform and is thermally shielded by electronically controlled thermal protectors. The surface of the board is exposed to partially turbulent flow of air generated by tangential fans. Speed of air flow and its dynamic changes are evaluated electronically in a feedback control loop of the fans. The heat loss of the fabric (thermal and evaporation resistance) is calculated according to the energy consumed to heat the plate. The equipment includes a control computer and power supply cart. Device runs Windows OS.

Datasheet: ISO 11092 Measurement Device - Guarded Hot Plate Skin Model

Indicative price: $ 15 000 to 25 000 incl. worldwide shipping and installation.

Designed and Manufactured for customer: Textilní zkušební ústav TZÚ Brno in year: 2016

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