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Smart Bus Stops Shelters with Displays

Smart Bus Stops Shelters with DisplaysSmart Bus Stops Shelters with Displays
Smart Bus Stops Shelters with Displays

Complex electronic equipment for smart bus stop, consisting of nearly four meters long color RGB LED display on top of the shelter, a pair of interactive touch screens inside the advertising light box and a spot for mobile phones charging via cable or wireless Qi standard. The system includes a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Horizontal panel displays information about departures, traffic reports, outside temperature, weather forecast, time and date. Besides the actual departures and complete timetables, the side panels allow you to see maps and other information.

The shelter itself was made by the company Mmcité, a major street furniture designer and manufacturer. Graphic design of the signage displays was created by Marvil, and the authors of the project are Eduard Herrmann and Matěj Coufal.

The Designblok 2015 exhibition report by Czech Television.

Designed and Manufactured for customer: BigMedia Praha + mmcité in year: 2015

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