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Air-dropped Rabies Vaccination Control System

Air-dropped Rabies Vaccination Control SystemAir-dropped Rabies Vaccination Control System
Air-dropped Rabies Vaccination Control System

The electronic system for controlling air-dropped wildlife rabies vaccination. Gradually two versions of the device were developed (dispenser and registration device). The device provides automatic vaccines dropping while flying over the target area. The device, based on OS Linux, integrates dispenser control driven by GPS data, maps of prohibited areas and required density dosage of vaccine baits. Vaccination progress is recorded on the media and can be re-analyzed: the system is equipped with a dual logging of executed operations. Control and display is made simple so that the device can be easily controlled during flight from the local panel or by remote control.

The actual operation of the dispenser is described as follows: The feeder is continuously pulling a tape with vaccine baits into the cooling tunnel (optional). At the beginning of the tunnel the tape wrapping is cut and directed onto the spool reel. The vaccine itself travels through the cooling tunnel where it is kept at low temperature until it reaches the container. From the reservoir, vaccines are discharged automatically or manually.

Designed and Manufactured for customer: Bioveta a.s. in year: 2015

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