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Battery charger - discharger MUP-2

Battery charger - discharger MUP-2Battery charger - discharger MUP-2
Battery charger - discharger MUP-2

The device allows charging and discharging of cells or batteries in the range of 0 to 20 V, 2.5 A. The device consists of an electronic load together with precise power source with limitation of current and voltage. The device is controlled centrally via Ethernet from a software control center, created in ControlWeb system (communication protocol is documented). The device has three inputs for additional measuring equipment. The accuracy of measurement is in the range from 0.1 to 0.3%.

More advanced MUP-3 is equipped with a pulse charge and discharge in the range of 4-20 A. The measuring cycles can be controlled by the internal sequencer with a resolution of milliseconds. The sequencer is programmed using scripts in C language, it is able to manage even complex measurement procedures depending eg. on a mathematical model of the connected battery or modify parameters for charging or discharging according to the actual measured values.

Construction of complete measuring workplaces with our devices is provided by the company Interal, Ltd. Ostrava.

Further information about chargers - vybíječům: programmable charger - discharger.

Designed and Manufactured for customer: Ing. Kičmer, Interal / Bochemie in year: 2014

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