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We are an electronics design consulting, R&D, and full stack prototype-to-production company with experienced staff.

Our company offers custom hardware, firmware and software design services based in Brno, Czech Republic, EU.

We are specialized in development of high quality medical, measurement and control devices, with emphasis on IoT and Industry 4.0 technologies.

Custom Electronics Design for Your Product

Our main service is Full System Design for production, starting from first decisions and concepts to prototypes and series production of reliable and certified devices. Hardware, software, firmware, mechanical and product design is included. Usually, we also take care for subsequent production.

We also offer separate specialized services like HW/PCB design, firmware development, EMC optimizations, manufacturing of production tools and testers etc.

One of popular services is a professionalization, increased reliability and preparation for series production of already existing devices, often previously based on Chinese hardware or development kits (aka "Raspberry troubleshooting service"): this usually includes custom PCB design (to get rid of "Frankenstein" designs with interconnected kits), recommendation of platform change if needed, a whole set of measures to increase reliability (from cooling to proper implementation of watchdogs, safe update, "non-breakable" memory cards) and making proper certifications of the devices.

We also design lots of unique, specialized machines and devices, where only one or a few pieces are produced. Check some of them in our portfolio.


Our designs are usually either microcontroller based (8-bit AVR or 32-bit ARM microcontrollers (STM, NXP), sometimes with supporting high-speed FPGA logic) or embedded Linux based, using our own SoM modules or commercially available SBCs for smaller quantities.

We proved that we know how to:

  • build a Linux PCB from chips
  • make a high-resolution cameras with USB3 on own PCBs
  • safely control big pumps in coal mines with explosive methane atmosphere
  • send a solar-powered LoRa picoballoon probe and track from Europe to Iran (fun project of our staff),
  • make a Bluetooth medical device with sensors and LCD that runs 4 years on one battery
  • drop rabies vaccines from airplane according to map and ballistic calculations
  • measure ECG over t-shirt waiting for your project :-)


For the purposes of R&D, one-off and small to mid-scale production, we have a specialized prototype workshop equipped with technologies for both the automated and manual assembly of printed circuit boards including BGA components. Our staff also takes care of final assembly and commissioning of final products. Quality control is assured using custom test equipment and AOI systems.

Large series (> 1000 pcs/month) are assembled by external contractors, finalization and quality control is usually provided by our staff.

The Company

EGMedical, Ltd., est. 2000, consists of electronics R&D group and electronics assembly production workshop. Our company initially started as a non-woven textiles production facility - in a few years the necessity to efficiently develop custom textile machines for processing of non-woven textiles and their electronic systems led us to create an electronics R&D group. During the following years the development group became independent and has exceeded the center of textile production by its turnover and the number of its employees. Our team currently consits of about 25 developers and supporting staff.

Our Address

  EGMedical, spol. s r.o.
  55 Filipinskeho Street
  615 00 Brno
  VAT ID: CZ26216043
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tel. +420 537 014 211 R&D Department, Sales
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