Custom electronics for medicine

Our long-standing specialty is the development of electronics for medicine.

We have developed devices ranging from miniature wearables, patient monitoring, special ECG devices, oxygen delivery components, electrochemical measurements to safe patient transport actuators.

Of course, the compliance of the developed devices with the standards is a matter of course: we will supply the treasures for MDR certification or we will provide the certification.

Development and production of electronics



Custom electronics for medicine

We develop electronics for medical applications. We have experience with the specifics of this environment as well as the application of the relevant standards and passing MDR certification.

For our customers we have developed for example:

  • electronic manometers for oxygen cylinders,
  • imaging devices (special cameras) with their own monitors, image processing and storage,
  • medical communication units with vital signs measurement,
  • alarms for medical gas distribution,
  • cryptographically secured remote control for medical applications,
  • management of anti-bedsore mattresses,
  • wearable metabolic analyzers.


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Do you need modern and reliable electronics? Outsource part of electronics design? Or you need a complete new product or system? Let us know! We are happy to help you with small and complex applications.

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    Do you need modern and reliable electronics? For integration into your equipment or a complete new product or system? Get in touch with us! We will be happy to advise you with small and complex applications.