We build on 20 years of experience in the development of electronics for customers from various fields. In this way, we connect knowledge between disciplines to create new, elegant solutions. Take a peek under the hood of some of our specialties.

Medical device electronics

Custom electronics for medicine

Our long-standing specialty is the development of electronics for medicine.

We have designed devices ranging from miniature wearables, patient monitoring, special ECG devices, oxygen delivery components, electrochemical measurements to safe patient transport mechatronics.

The compliance of the designed devices with the standards is a matter of course: we will supply the required documents for MDR certification and guide you through the process or we will provide the certification as a turn-key service.

Industrial automation

Development of industrial automation components

We develop elements for industrial automation and entire control systems.

Many of our applications are highly specialised systems with atypical inputs and outputs where using conventional PLCs is impossible or uneconomical. We automate the machines, solve the production line control.

We will develop special sensors: for example, accelerometers or thermal cameras.

We will be happy to help you with a solution for your problem!

Applications for public space

Electronics for public space applications

We have experience in the development of electronics for public space applications – non-production automation.

We have developed information systems for transport, dispensing boxes (parcel boxes), environmental measuring devices or smart control of public lighting.

Measuring equipment and testers

Development of testers and measuring technology

We develop special measuring technology. We are able to measure physical quantities, implement special preparations and circuits, evaluate the results or connect them to the customer’s systems.

Many of the measurement techniques we have developed are also used to produce testers used for industrial automated testing of electronics.

Image processing, cameras

Image processing hardware development

We develop software and hardware for image processing. We can develop our own cameras using chips from Western manufacturers or from Asia or using camera modules, create a whole image path with image processing or storage. We have also developed our own special monitors, especially for medical applications.

We process the image using classical techniques or artificial intelligence – machine learning.

Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux is an operating system derived from Linux, modified to run smoothly on embedded devices.

On this basis we develop software for most of the more complex control systems and units.

The correct use of embedded Linux enables the development of a powerful, reliable and compatible device with acceptable deadlines and prices, which is also free of third-party licensing fees.

Aviation technology

Aerospace Electronics

We have designed hardware and software for use in aircrafts and drones.

Our devices are used in NATO-certified drones or, for example, manage the dropping of rabies vaccines from aircrafts.


Our specialists are CVE certified for the evaluation of aviation technology.


Custom electronics for transport

We develop elements for transport, for example:

  • elements of passenger information systems (information boards, remote-controlled public address system),
  • Telematics applications (control of traffic lights, variable message signs),
  • vehicle units for specific vehicle bodies (for mail, waste collection),
  • special railway applications (shock absorber control).

Industry 4.0 and IoT

Industry 4.0 and IoT

As a technology company, we help implement elements of Industry 4.0, especially the use of the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

Low-cost, often wireless communication and sensor systems allow us to create elements of “smart factories” where everything and everyone is connected and coordinated, be it machines or people.

By analyzing big data collected from sensors on the production line, real-time traceability of production and quality is ensured and tools can be provided to perform predictive maintenance to minimize equipment downtime.

Bluetooth, LoRa

Bluetooth, LoRa, Zigbee

We use Bluetooth and other low-power wireless interfaces such as WiFi Direct, Zigbee, Matter or LoRa/LoRaWAN and Sigfox to transfer data between devices with minimal power consumption. Devices with battery life of years are the present!

Thanks to our experience, we can design the appropriate communication standard and its use to meet the requirements for speed, reliability, compatibility and power consumption.

We can certify the developed system and deliver the necessary computer or mobile applications.


GSM, LTE and 5G communications

With the help of mobile network connections, we provide remote data transmission and collection, remote management or update of developed devices – all over the world. We select the appropriate technology in terms of cost of production and operation and implement the appropriate Nb-IoT, LTE or 5G module directly into the hardware under development or as an external device.

We understand mobile networks: we also develop and manufacture instruments for monitoring and measuring the quality of signal coverage.


LAN, Ethernet and network devices

A device that is not connected to a computer network is as if it does not exist!

We have experience in the development of LAN/WAN devices and network elements such as switches or elements integrating routers or firewalls operating in industrial environments.

We are happy to help you design a reliably communicating system!


MODBUS and industrial communications

We develop devices communicating in industrial networks such as MODBUS-RTU, MODBUS-TCP, CAN-BUS, CANOpen, Profibus, Profinet, ETHERCAT and others.

We design hardware and software of control units for use in automation systems, working as controllers (master, typically PLC) and slaves (typically peripherals).

Interested in custom electronics design?

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