Processing of nonwovens

The Nonwovens Processing Centre is a legacy of the original focus of our company – it was founded in 2000 as a manufacturer of mainly protective equipment for the healthcare sector: the basic product was wristbands, as well as gowns, caps, sets.

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Processing of nonwovens

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Especially protective equipment for health care – mouthguards, coats, caps, sets.

Special machines with atypical control electronics have been developed for these productions – the people who gave the “soul of the wire” to these machines now form the backbone of the electrical department, which currently accounts for the vast majority of the company’s activities.

The production for the healthcare sector was gradually phased out and the nonwovens centre specialised in the supply of nonwovens products manufactured using the operations listed below or by performing these operations on customer material.

Offer of services

We offer the following operations

  • Ultrasonic

    Continuous, spot, or ultrasonic cutting
  • Cross-cutting with high work efficiency

    Cut up to hundreds of layers simultaneously, 4 mm to meters cutting pitch
  • Cutting longitudinal from a roll of fabric

  • Die cutting or shape cutting, punching

  • In cooperation printing

Of course, we also provide the material and packaging of the products.

types of products

  • strips or squares/rectangles/shapes of non-woven fabric,
  • lightweight bags, bags,
  • packaging material with chambers or baffles formed by welding a non-woven fabric,
  • welding multiple rolls of fabric into multi-layer assemblies,
  • cutting strips from filter materials for chemical laboratories, e.g. as sample carriers.

For some products, special technologies and machines have been developed, for example, for production:

  • spanking panties for females,
  • sifted textiles for agriculture and horticulture,
  • Multilayer bonded squares with activated carbon filling (technology development for divestment)

Development and production of single-purpose machines for processing of nonwovens

The expansion of the range of products and works forced the development and construction of single-purpose machines. For example. we developed ultrasonic welding of rubber bands. Furthermore, various types of cutting machines, sieving machine for agrotextiles, textile wrapping machine, etc.

Our experience with processing of non-woven fabrics entitles us to offer the possibility of processing similar designs of single-purpose machines, or. their delivery and service, even outside the company itself. As one of the first machines was e.g. delivery of a slitter machine SGR-2000 for Donaldson Czech Republic.

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