1. Project analysis

Production data is assessed by our experts: we find risks in terms of manufacturability, reliability and availability of components. If appropriate, we will propose measures to optimize the production price, arrange replacements for unavailable parts.

We can also deal with outdated, bad or incomplete documents. If necessary, our developers will work on changes, upgrades or even a complete redesign.

2. Production preparation

Our buyers will provide the materials for production: what we don’t have in stock, we will source from distributors. In the current component crisis, we can also use alternative sources of components from Asia. We can also use material supplied by the customer.

While waiting for the material, we will review testing procedures and help with automated tests so that the entire production can be tested efficiently.

We do not forget to optimize templates and technological processes to achieve a minimum of rejects and delays in production. Production must run like clockwork! That’s why we monitor it and document every step in the system.

3. PCB mounting

We assemble the surface connections in our own assembly plant. We produce from samples to thousands of pieces per month.

Our production is equipped with technology for machine assembly and soldering of SMT components (Autotronik, Inoplacer), for subsequent manual completion and repair we use professional soldering stations Weller, Metcal and JBC. For repairs we are equipped with an automatic BGA bushing rework station.

We use environmentally friendly, lead-free technology, using no-rinse fluxes (no-clean). In order to maintain the high quality of production, we wash the assembled PCBs in a special ultrasonic bath (Safewash). For use in harsh environments, we paint the surface joints.

4. Revival, AOI inspection

We check the produced PCBs using a unique system of automatic optical inspection with the use of artificial intelligence (Agnos, Opticon). We control 100% of production.

After the inspection, we will revive the PCB – load the software and perform functional tests. For larger batches we use our own automatic testers.

5. Assembly, final testing and packaging

According to the needs of the project, we mechanically assemble the equipment, provide printing and labels. The finished product is subjected to functional and safety tests.

We pack the product in final commercial packaging for end customers or ESD packaging for further operations.

For critical applications, we document each product photographically with a 3D microscope and an electronic output inspection report from the test facility.

6. Other services

For production purposes, we mill aluminium and plastic boxes, 3D print with FDM and SLA technology, print labels and front panels, and cut with a cutting plotter.

We manufacture cable harnesses and assemble switchboards.

7. Data confidentiality - NDA

Production data is safe with us. As standard, we provide contractual confidentiality assurance (NDA), we store production data on our own servers and for particularly sensitive applications we are able to provide above-standard firmware protection against copying and changes using electronic signatures.