Repairs of information boards

Service and repair of multimedia
Daruma and other guides

  • Service of information boards and systems.
  • Repair of sound information boards.

We offer basic unauthorized service or complete refurbishment of existing information devices of other manufacturers (for example, repair of audio guides Daruma DVG, ORBIS and others) using our electronics used for the construction of our information boards or smart stops.

Our technician will carry out a basic on-site diagnosis of the equipment, assess the condition and suggest repairs.

Typical faults of the nature of water leakage, end of battery life or breakage of wires by a vandal can also be solved on foreign-made equipment.

We can resolve major faults by building new electronics into the existing mechanical structure, while maintaining the existing connections. At the same time, we will renew multimedia content or add new functions from the range of those that our audio and LCD information boards can provide.


Are you interested in repair or service of information boards?

Contact us, our developer Ing. Ondřej Fišer.