Temperature data logger TBUG

The TBUG temperature recorder (datalogger) is designed for monitoring temperature in technological processes, storage and logistics.

The instrument in the form of a waterproof capsule measures and records temperatures in the range 0 – 105 °C (on request -40 to +120 °C) in the internal memory of the device. The device is designed for measurement in air or in a non-aggressive water bath (the capsule material can be changed according to the process needs).

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Temperature data logger TBUG


Measurement procedure and accuracy

Recording can be started either when the battery is inserted, or the device can wait for a long time (months) for a trigger condition: a temperature rise above a defined threshold or the application of a magnet.

During the measurement, it is possible to add a time stamp to the recording by attaching a magnet, for example to mark the moment when the instrument is removed from the container, etc.

The advantage of the instrument is its high accuracy and resolution: sensor accuracy +- 0.25 °C without further calibration with a resolution of 0.0078 °C. This fine resolution makes it possible to detect, for example, the effect of movement of people in the room when measuring the air temperature. The temperature sensor used is factory calibrated (NIST traceable).

Use for measuring in a wash bath

One typical use of the TBUG datalogger is to record the temperature progression in the washing machine during the wash cycle, for example to document the correct execution of the balancing process for hygiene reasons. Simply place the data logger in a washing machine (whether a conventional automatic or industrial washing machine) and remove it at the end of the washing cycle. If the trigger condition is set correctly to e.g. 40 °C, the measurement starts when the device detects the water heating of the washing bath, and the measurement ends after the set time (e.g. after two hours).

In this way, we can perform several washing cycles and measurements, which will be individually recorded in the memory of the device, including the time of the start of the measurement. Then we can read them using the application in the computer and we can display the temperature graphs, or export the data to a format that we can work with further, e.g. in MS Excel.

Technical parameters

Battery typeCR11108
Battery lifetime300 hours of measurement
Minimum recording interval2 seconds
Temperature measurement range0 – 105 °C
Temperature measurement resolutionbetter than 0,1 °C
Temperature measurement accuracy± 0,25 °C
Measurement environmentwater/air
Communication interfaceUART to USB converter
Mechanical designMetal capsule with seal
Total weight47,7 g
External dimensions of the capsuleH = 33.4 mm, D = 30.0 mm
Degree of coverageIP68

Order and prices

The equipment is made to order with a delivery time of about 4 weeks. Custom modifications are possible – the device is a product of our own development.

Standard temperature range, incl. cable, within 9 weeks
TBUG - instrument
excl. VAT 13000  CZK
incl. VAT 15730  CZK
Extended temperature range -40 to +120 °C, incl. cable, within 9 weeks
TBUG - instrument
excl. VAT 16000  CZK
incl. VAT 19360  CZK
Optional accessories (delivery 1-2 weeks):
TBUG - replacement battery
excl. VAT 89  CZK
incl. VAT 108  CZK
TBUG - replacement cable for PC connection
excl. VAT 580  CZK
incl. VAT 702  CZK

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