Talking sound information boards and showcases

Talking sound information boards and displays for the public sector, municipalities, cities, nature trails, national parks, etc.

Sound information boards consist of a display case, usually containing a map base, usually accompanied by photographs of tourist destinations, and an electronic element (annunciator) that enables the reproduction of an audio recording, typically in several languages, by pressing a button or entering a code on a keyboard. During the playback of the recording, a light point – the point of interest (LED), installed in the map base, lights up.

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Talking sound information boards and showcases


As a standard, we produce boards in an aluminium frame, in sizes and designs according to the customer’s requirements. The boards are single or double-sided in external or internal design, lighting can also be installed in the display case.

  • It is possible to add an LCD screen to the board, thus adding the possibility of playing video sequences, or to add internet access to the device with the LCD touch screen, either in a limited range according to the customer’s specifications (for example, only to the municipality’s website), or without limitations.
  • The device can be equipped with a Wi-Fi access point for passers-by.
  • It is possible to add a blind radio receiver to the device and thus make at least part of the audio content accessible to the blind; the device then works as a so-called “blind receiver”. voice beacon.

We can also develop and deliver other elements of outdoor information systems, for example:

  • LED information boards with high visibility, for example with public transport departures or the theatre programme,
  • Information kiosks with a large touch screen (typical applications are electronic catalogues for trade fairs and exhibitions, electronic wine catalogues, etc.).

Multimedia content

The most important thing on any noticeboard is valuable, rich and user-friendly content, so it pays to pay maximum attention to the definition of the content.

Content structure

The aim of the installation of the board is usually to increase the awareness of tourists about the history of the site, tourist attractions in the area and at the same time to facilitate orientation by means of a map. The map contains light points that light up according to the selected message, so that you can easily find the object you are looking for on the map.

Within the graphics of the board, it is usual to include photographs of the most important tourist destinations with a brief description, a structured list of other destinations and a brief version of the most important contacts (e.g. the Mountain Service). When acquiring a board with the help of grants, it is often necessary to reserve space for the logolink of the programme.

If the whiteboard includes an LCD screen, the content options are richer: video presentations, photo sequences or direct access to related websites.

Basis for content creation

Normally – and we consider this to be the most appropriate practice – we are provided with a list of messages – light points in the board (for example, as a sketch for a map, points in a Google map or coordinates), texts of the messages in Czech for speaking and photos or videos of tourist destinations. We are able to arrange photography (ideally at the right time of year), preparation of maps and graphics, translations and announcements in Czech, German, English and other languages (PL, RU, SK…) we provide as usual.

Careful checking of the content by the client – the locals – is very important; no map documents are perfectly up-to-date and it is advisable to correct errors in the map before printing: especially if shops and restaurants are also marked on the map, the lifetime of this data is often poor.

Map and graphics

We use freely distributable map bases (e.g. Openstreetmap) to produce the board graphics, and we render and generalize the map so that the chosen scale maintains clarity and readability. We try to keep the usual principles of map display (north position, colours, map markers, not forgetting the scale symbol) so that even a complete stranger can navigate the map.

If the maps are to include marked hiking trails (KČT), it is necessary to purchase a license for this map (~ 5000 CZK).


We usually specify the design idea of the board, its design and the colours of the graphics with the help of our architect, ideally with a personal visit or at least with the help of photographs of the future installation site. We don’t have to limit ourselves to installing graphics and electronics in standard showcases, almost any design is possible: for example, we supplied a design built into a cavity hollowed out in a tree trunk.

Multilingual design

Of course, you can switch between different languages. All messages (and, where applicable, the text on the display) can be available in the selected languages. As a standard, we work with a version with three languages (Czech, English and a language according to the customer’s wishes).

Content changes and remote management

Most of the boards are not connected to the internet and the multimedia content is updated by replacing the memory card with the sounds (or other multimedia content) and settings.

For internet-connected devices (these are usually those with a display and/or WiFi access point), changing the content is possible remotely. Devices connected to the Internet can also be remotely monitored, i.e. equipment failure can be detected remotely.

Mechanical design

Exterior design

The standard showcases are aluminium, anodised or painted in any colour. The glazing of the display case is made of 6 mm acrylic, which provides relatively good resistance to vandalism. Board dimensions are custom; typical dimensions are listed in the table:

Size 9 x A4, 750 x 1000 mm
Size 12 x A4, 750 x 1350 mm
Size 15 x A4, 1000 x 1350 mm
Size 21 x A4, 1600 x 1000 mm
Size 28 x A4, 1710 x 1350 mm
Size 25 x A4, 1350 x 1710 mm
Size 27 x A4, 2100 x 1000 mm

When assembled separately, the showcases are installed on two concreted stands, wall mounting is also possible. A common design is single-sided, where the back of the display case is empty (sheet metal or foil). The electronics of the device can be accessed through the back. Upon agreement, we can print a fixed graphic on the back of the board or produce the board in a double-sided version.

When installed in exteriors with historicizing furnishings, the board can be adapted to this style with cast iron posts with capitals and cover strips.

All showcases are lockable.

Interior design

The indoor version differs from the standard outdoor version by a simpler display case construction, a more subtle cover glass and the absence of a water seal.

Indoor boards can be supplied in freestanding or mobile (see photo), in the form of bulletin boards.

Electrical part


The annunciator is the heart of the device: it processes signals from the keyboard, controls the map light points, the display on the (optional) screen and, of course, plays sounds.

The detectors support up to 200 different messages. Individual announcements or abbreviated versions of announcements can also be reproduced spontaneously as an advertising announcement (so-called rest announcement; please specify in the order).

From a technical point of view, the board is supplied with two types of annunciators: the INVIT-500 does not allow screen connection and remote content change via the Internet, while the INVIT-700 does not have these limitations.


The keypad can be made in two versions: as a numeric keypad for entering the message number (object), or with a language selector for multilingual versions of the boards, or in a version for direct message selection by pressing a button. The keyboards are in metal, antivandal design.

The keypad panel is made of anodised or painted aluminium with engraved markings for the outdoor versions, while for the indoor versions the keypad is built directly into the display case cover glass and has a digitally printed label.

Light points

The light points in the map are made up of 3 mm LEDs, standard in green or red and high brightness. If the “you are here” LED is fitted, it is a different colour and lights up when no message is playing. On request, it is possible to connect light points in animation mode, e.g. in the appropriate walking direction or, for example, to illustrate a technological process.

LCD screen

The device can optionally be equipped with an LCD screen. 10″, 21″ or 42″ screens are available in enhanced brightness.

The primary use of the LCD screen is to display additional information to the message the board is playing. This is usually solved by opening a special web page that can be changed by the local administrator, thus changing the content of the board. The content of the page can be, for example, video footage, a sequence of photographs or online resources: a programme with the current theatre programme or an online webcam at the location of the announcement.

Other typical online applications are information about public transport departures (similar to our public transport departure board applications) and other maps.

The displayed web pages can therefore be stored directly in the detector or can be opened online from the Internet. The LCD screen may be equipped with an anti-vandal touch layer and the subsystem may allow launching a web browser and accessing the Internet, with little or no restriction on the accessible range of the web (for example, only the municipality’s website). This feature requires the whiteboard to be connected to the internet (typically via a mobile network).

In practice, it is advisable to install the boards in such a way that direct sunlight does not reach the screens as far as possible.


For exterior versions of signs we usually use special, so-called. vibrating transducers that vibrate the entire windshield surface of the board with sound. This causes the user to perceive the announcement loud and clear in front of the board, but at greater distances the talking board disturbs less than if we were using a conventional, highly directional speaker.

Small versions of the boards are equipped with a classic anti-vandal waterproof speaker.

The interior versions are equipped with an active loudspeaker, located on the top bar of the display case.


The device is capable (as ordered) of operating as a Wi-Fi access point, including possible anti-abuse limitations such as limiting the amount of data transferred or the length of a single connection. This feature requires the whiteboard to be connected to the internet (e.g. LAN, fibre optic or mobile network).


At the top of the board there is (according to the order) an LED strip of lighting with a lifetime of more than 100 000 hours (more than 20 years of regular operation). The LED lighting is switched by a twilight switch or together with the public lighting where the board is fed from the public lighting system.


The device can be operated (according to the order) with 230 V AC (mains or lighting), 12 V DC or solar power.

230 V power supply in combination with the optional backup power supply allows power to be supplied, for example, from the public lighting system that is switched off during the day. Battery back-up power will allow the board to run for 24 hours.

The solar-powered version of the board allows operation in places where no mains connection is available or where it would be difficult to build one. Options for night lighting or LCD display with solar power must be consulted in advance.

Outdoor boards supplied with 230 V must be earthed (earthing strip), fixed boards connected to the 230 V supply must be inspected.

Nighttime lull

The board is equipped with a twilight switch, which allows the volume of the announcement to be lowered or switched off completely at night and at the same time switches on the board lighting if it is not switched on synchronously with the switching on of the public lighting.

Blind person’s radio receiver (Tyfloset)

(On request): the board acts as an acoustic beacon for the blind and can, for example, announce relevant information about the layout of a square to a blind person.


In addition to installation service, we offer warranty and post-warranty service in the form of a technician’s trip. Changes to multimedia content or basic fault diagnosis can be performed remotely on devices connected to the internet (on-line).

Service of foreign equipment

We offer basic service or complete overhaul of information boards of other manufacturers using our electronics, see more information board service.

Price sessions

The price of the equipment consists of four parts when the equipment is delivered:

  1. the electronics (electrical equipment) itself,
  2. mechanical construction – showcases and columns and printed parts,
  3. graphic design and catchphrases,
  4. on-site installation.

We do not charge any operating fees (except, of course, for the data SIM card for devices connected via the Internet; if we perform remote monitoring of the device, we charge a fee for the operation of the monitoring system in the order of ten crowns per month).

Typical price ranges

  • Depending on the specific design, the price of the stand-alone electrical equipment ranges from CZK 8,000 (simple set of detectors with buttons) to CZK 120,000 (with LCD, internet, WiFi) excluding VAT.
  • The price of a complete outdoor board with installation (including translations, announcements, etc.) ranges from CZK 90,000 to CZK 300,000 excluding VAT, depending on the specific design (the size, LCD display, WiFi and on-line connection are decisive). We will deliver the board including a map base and graphic design.
  • The price of a small indoor board (including translations, announcements, etc.) without LCD and internet connection is usually in the range of CZK 30,000 – 80,000 excluding VAT, depending on the specific design. We will deliver the board including a map base and graphic design.

Examples of finished products

Example of a price session

  • Rokycany


    public space Spilka

    Date of implementation: may 2015, revitalization 2023

    Approximate price: 150tis.

  • Rabštejn nad Střelou

    Rabštejn nad Střelou

    Location on the museum building

    Date of realization: december 2015

    Approximate price: 40tis.

  • Počátky


    Palacký Square

    Date of realization: august 2015

    Approximate price: 135tis.

  • Bohuslavice


    Municipal office area

    Date of realization: september 2019

    Approximate price: 200tis.

  • Bor Castle

    Bor Castle

    Orientation plan in the lobby

    Date of implementation: march 2015

    Approximate price: 80tis.

  • Velvary


    Date of implementation: november 2023

    Approximate price: 300tis.

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