Traffic light control system
for slides and slides,
with timer

The traffic light control system is used to improve the organisation and safety of people entering the slide and to reduce the risk of injury when more than one person enters the attraction at the same time.

Optionally, it can be purchased with a timer, which ensures the measurement of time and speed of visitors to the attraction.

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The device is designed to increase traffic safety: it controls the semaphore at the beginning of the slide according to a signal from sensors located at the beginning and end of the slide so that there is only one visitor on the slide at a time. The device also signals the prohibition of access to the slide for a specified time after the slide pump is switched on, so that the pump has time to sufficiently fill the finish pool before visitors begin to slide down the slide.

To further increase security, it is also possible to install a detection of leaving the arrival pool and/or an entrance turnstile.

The supplied Slide Control System with start semaphore control is available in two basic modifications:

  • design with timer,
  • without timer.

In both variants, the device is equipped with a traffic light (red – green), located at the beginning of the slide. The semaphore is used to improve the organisation of persons entering the slide and to reduce the risk of injury when more than one person enters the slide at the same time1.
The toboggan is equipped with sensors at the beginning and end of its path (start sensor, finish sensor). Short and clear slides do not need to be equipped with a destination sensor if the visitor is not expected to stay on the attraction.


The sensors are installed at the beginning and end of the slide; in specific installations it is possible to install only the start sensor (where no timing is required and we are satisfied with a fixed red light time after activation of the start sensor).

The sensors themselves are available in several versions, we use :

  • Optical sensors of the transmitter-receiver type – are mounted on the side of the slide tube, an optical beam passes through a cutout in the slide material. The cut-out can be either a small unblinded hole above the surface (7 mm diameter) or a transparent window. The sensing is very reliable.
  • Optical diffuse sensors, especially for retrofitting – monitor the slide area from above and detect the reflection of light from a person on the slide. The sensors are mounted about 1 – 1.5 m above the bottom of the runway, preferably in a place where there is no high water or waves and where the visitor is riding in the middle of the runway. The sensors must be adjusted and cleaned (wipe the sensing surface) from time to time.

In special cases, other types of sensors can be used, for example, optical gates for detecting exit from the arrival pool, etc.

Sensor-based detection of the slide occupancy works as described below:

  • the visitor’s passage through the start sensor switches the traffic light to red. The timer is running.
  • If the target sensor is activated before the minimum travel time has elapsed, this signal is ignored and the traffic light remains red (false impulse or two visitors in a row).
  • If the target sensor is activated between the minimum travel time and the maximum travel time, the time measurement is terminated, in the version with a timer the time is displayed. The traffic lights will still be red for the delay time, which is the time during which the visitor should leave the arrival pool.
  • If the target sensor is not activated within the maximum ride time, it is assumed that the visitor did not ride the slide or was not registered by the target sensor. In this case, the green signal lights up again after the delay time and the timer does not display the measured time.


The traffic light signals green if:

  • the slide is free according to the sensor signal, or if a time operation is set by the operator switch, in which the red-green signalling alternates according to a predefined time program regardless of the sensors,
  • pump running signal (optional element) from the slide machine room active for longer than the set blocking time (i.e. it is assumed that the slide is wet and the finish pool is filled)
  • the operator switch (optional element) is switched on.

The semaphore is available in two design variants; other mechanical designs are also possible upon agreement.

  • Semaphore single light, red-green LED
  • Traffic light with two lights, red and green LED

Timekeeping display

The LED timer display is supplied in stainless steel (to improve corrosion resistance, it will be replaced by a plastic housing during 2019). The display can be adapted for external use.

Display function: in operation mode, the board displays:

  • in the first line the current time or the last measured time (if the slide is not occupied or for the set time
    display since the end of the last run),
  • the track record, the order of time since the slide pump started or the number of rides since the slide started (if
    ranking higher than 500. time),
  • the fastest three times since the slide pump started or the speed of the ride in kilometres per hour.

Standard display size is 64 x 48 cm, larger displays are available on special order. Please discuss the fitting with our technicians before ordering.

Operator switch

Depending on the order, an operator switch can be installed to switch the operation modes of the device. As standard, the version with a timer is controlled only by the signal from the slide pump, the version without a timer is equipped with a switch for the mode “permanent red” – “sensor control” – “fixed time interval control”, located on the equipment cabinet in the machine room. It is possible to install multiple operator switches for one device.

On special order we can supply this operator switch in variants:

  • wall cabinet with switch or switch with lock,
  • cabinet with mushroom “STOP” button for immediate lighting of the red signalling, or with lock (cannot be reactivated without a key, anyone can press it),
  • remote control with waterproof radio key fob.

Upon agreement, it is also possible to modify the SW device for manual operation – lighting of the green signalling only by the lifeguard on the instruction of the button after each passage or in cases where the sensor at the end of the runway has not been activated and should be reactivated after the maximum travel time (risk of a stuck person).

System installation

Some elements are expected to be fitted in the engine room.

In the timer version, the control electronics are located in the LED display, the sensor and semaphore cables are routed directly to the LED display. The power and signal cable is led to the machine room, where the SELV safe voltage source is located – the source is usually placed in the existing technology cabinet (DIN rail version + circuit breaker, or an auxiliary relay to provide a potential-free signal for pump running – consider a total width of 10 modules).

In the version without a timer, the control electronics are housed in a separate enclosure containing a microcontroller (PLC) with display, protective elements and terminal blocks. The SELV source is external, plug-in. There is also an operator switch on the cabinet (see above). The display shows the slide counter.

The entire electronic system uses 24 V DC SELV – the system is powered by its own 230 V AC power supply. Protection and safety of people from electric shock. The current is therefore ensured by the use of low voltage SELV meeting the requirements of Czech electrotechnical standards.

Passage sensors

It is always necessary to create a suitable location for the passage sensors and traffic lights with appropriate covers and possible sealing – it will be consulted according to the specific implementation. Our company does not process covers for sensors or traffic lights, nor do we install cable routes(we supply the cables themselves). The customer makes the attachment of the sensors and semaphore from his own resources and our technician only makes the electrical connection.

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We can prepare the whole complex system for you.

Standard delivery time without timer is 6 weeks from ordering (4 weeks possible with surcharge).

With the timer, the delivery time for the entire system is 10 weeks.

Control unit in cabinet, incl. sources, for versions without timer
excl. VAT 26500  CZK
incl. VAT 32065  CZK
Display 64x48 cm, P10, red-green LED, for pool interior (stainless steel or plastic), built-in control unit, incl. power supply (externally on DIN rail).
excl. VAT 53280  CZK
incl. VAT 64469  CZK
Display 64x48 cm, P10, red-green LED, outdoor, built-in control unit, incl. power supply (externally on DIN rail).
excl. VAT 65200  CZK
incl. VAT 78892  CZK


The beam intersection sensor can be found in the references of toboggans in the towns of Valašské Meziříčí and Mikulov.

Passage sensor (PANASONIC) diffusive (above track mounting) - for start and finish, incl. brackets (L profile), without mounting and covers
excl. VAT 7000  CZK
incl. VAT 8470  CZK
Passage sensor (CARLO GAVAZZI or equ.) receiver-transmitter (beam intersection between receiver and transmitter) - for start and target, incl. brackets (L profile), without mounting and covers
excl. VAT 4500  CZK
incl. VAT 5445  CZK


We are able to make a built-in traffic light or any other variant. Ask, we will surely find a common solution.

LED traffic lights, red/green
excl. VAT 5780  CZK
incl. VAT 6994  CZK
Traffic light LED two-light, red/green
excl. VAT 9750  CZK
incl. VAT 11798  CZK


Do you need to customize your existing equipment? Let us know!

Operating switch, separate, wall-mounted
excl. VAT 1250  CZK
incl. VAT 1513  CZK
Operating switch, separate, wall-mounted, keyed
excl. VAT 1550  CZK
incl. VAT 1876  CZK
Operating switch, separate, wall-mounted, red mushroom button, hand release
excl. VAT 1250  CZK
incl. VAT 1513  CZK
Operating switch, separate, wall-mounted, red mushroom button, key release
excl. VAT 1850  CZK
incl. VAT 2239  CZK
Wireless control with key fob 433 MHz (key fob+receiver)
excl. VAT 8800  CZK
incl. VAT 10648  CZK


You don’t know what to do? We recommend that you enquire about the facility. Our helpful colleague will offer you a tailor-made solution that will fit you exactly.

Enclosure for power supply, and timer mode control switch
excl. VAT 2500  CZK
incl. VAT 3025  CZK
Auxiliary relay to provide a potential-free pump run signal
excl. VAT 500  CZK
incl. VAT 605  CZK
Cable for connecting a sensor, pump signal contact, operator switch or semaphore. Price for 1m of cable.
excl. VAT 20  CZK
incl. VAT 24  CZK
Power cable for LED display between power supply and display. Price for 1m of cable.
excl. VAT 47  CZK
incl. VAT 57  CZK

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