Information and retrieval system for STK STIS

The STIS call system for STK facilitates the sorting of customers and vehicles into individual STK lines, makes the waiting time more transparent and pleasant for customers and allows the operator to monitor and operatively regulate the current load of lines, shifts and staff. Outdoor displays that prompt customers to come to the ME or STK line have a significant impact on productivity and elimination of downtime.

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Information and retrieval system for STK STIS


The equipment consists of:

  • Outdoor LED line display signs located at the entrances to STK/ME lines, inviting customers to come to the line,
  • (optional) outdoor LED central board, displaying a list of customers in order with an estimate of waiting time, prompts to pick up documents and possibly manually entered operational information (e.g. information on opening hours on holidays, etc.),
  • (optionally) indoor information boards based on LCD TV, displaying the same information as the outdoor LED central board, together with advertising for other services, traffic map, etc,
  • (optional) radio equipment for announcing customers with loudspeakers and
  • workplace of female operators – receptionists of the STK, who control the system from their computers using a web browser. There is also a printer of order tickets for customers in the STIS-1 version.



STIS-1 is a more complex version of the system – a full retrieval system with automatic queue organization. The system is controlled by the order reception operator at the STK reception desk, or it can be equipped with a module for on-line receipt of STK pre-orders directly from users via the Internet. The checks are either confirmed by the STK technician at his workplace or by the operator after the documents have been processed; the equipment can also display prompts to customers to collect the documents.

One of the advantages of the STIS-1 system is – with the appropriate settings – the consistently random, user-independent assignment of orders to individual technicians based solely on the technicians’ workload, their qualifications, working hours and line opening times. This eliminates the possibility of influencing the result of an STK “out of friendship” with the technician, a practice that can bring existential problems to the STK station. Any manual intervention in the ordering of orders to lines and technicians is only possible with the appropriate access authorisation and is recorded for later audit purposes.


STIS-2 is a simplified version of the system – an information system that shows visitors only the closing or opening of the line and the names of technicians in each shift, along with an infographic of the inspection process.


Price offer

  • The approximate price of the STIS-1 system is 80 – 150 000 CZK without VAT depending on the size of the STK and the number of displays
  • The price of the STIS-2 variant is about a third lower.

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