HLM-FM : Radio receiver for DIN rail

The HLM-FM module is an easy solution for receiving FM radio broadcasts in the 87.5 to 108.0 MHz band. It has an unbalanced stereo line output, so an external amplifier is required for reproduction, e.g. HLM-AMP from our offer.

The module is equipped with a memory for storing tuned stations (15 positions) and a scan function – automatic tuning of stations. The last tuned station is also stored in the memory, which is automatically tuned when the power is switched off and on again.

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HLM-FM : FM radio receiver for DIN rail


The device is designed for installation in DIN rail-equipped power cabinets, where it occupies the width of three modules. The HLM-FM module is controlled by four input signals connected to terminals at the bottom of the device. At the top of the device there are terminals for output signals (right and left channels), a power terminal and a terminal for connecting the required external antenna. Examples of input and output terminal connections are given in the technical documentation, see the Downloads section.

Two LEDs indicate the status of the device and the operation in progress. The diode labeled “RAB” informs about the current status of the module (power supply connection, scanning function in progress, etc.), the diode labeled “ST” tells about stereo reception resp. mono signal.

Technical parameters

Supply voltage5.0 – 26 V DC/ELV
Current draw< 200 mA
Retrieved fromstereo line, unbalanced
Received band / modulation87.5 – 108.0 MHz / FM
Operating temperature-10 to 50 °C
InstallationDIN rail mounted, width 3 modules
Dimensions189 × 53 × 70 mm


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HLM-FM is a restock of older equipment, currently 7 pcs in stock. If more units are needed, a re-design of the facility will be required.

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HLM-FM radio receiver for DIN rail
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