HLM-390 : Embedded OEM sound module

The HLM-390 voice module (sound memory) is a built-in annunciator for use in advertising, information, security and industrial applications. The detector is supplied in the form of a module – a printed circuit board for installation in the customer’s equipment.

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HLM-390 : Embedded OEM sound module


The sounder plays the sound recorded with the sounder by the supplied Windows application on an SD or MMC memory card. A card reader for USB is always included in the first delivery of the detector. As standard we supply 512 MB memory cards that allow up to 3 hours of audio (or 6 hours in reduced quality) to be recorded to voice memory; if longer recording is required, we can supply 1 GB or 2 GB cards that allow double or double recording. four times the length of the record.

All detector settings are stored with the sounds on the memory card, so you can change the detector settings by simply removing the card, inserting it into the computer reader, resetting the parameters using the computer and returning the card to the detector.

The annunciator allows recording up to 32 messages in total (64/128 messages on request). The message is triggered by applying the address (message number) and the trigger signal to the appropriate pins of the system connector of the annunciator. A single 5 V supply voltage is also applied to this connector. Termination of the message is automatic at the end of the recording or by a signal from the master system – in this case the message can be terminated by a gradual mute.

  • Detailed instructions for the detector can be downloaded here (for the standard version).

On request, the HLM-390 can be supplied with max. seven messages by individual inputs (instead of entering the message number (address) in binary).

If more different messages are required, the annunciator can be expanded to 128 messages and the triggering of messages can be controlled via serial port, I2C or other communication interface.

The detector has a line NF output for connecting an amplifier. Optionally, the detector can be supplemented with an internal NF amplifier for direct connection of loudspeakers; loudspeakers and amplifiers are of course also supplied.

The detector’s internal software can be upgraded if necessary by simply inserting an SD card with the new firmware.

As a special modification, we can add the function of reading numerical data from an analogue or digital input (e.g. reading of measuring instruments, machine status reports or traffic information); one implementation is, for example, a voice output for Metex multimeters, a talking thermometer or the announcement of the time until the end of an automatic production line.

Reporting parameters and quality

  • Messages can be recorded with a sampling rate of 22,050 or 37 kHz, 12-bit resolution.
  • Setting of message termination – immediate, slow or fast muting, prohibition of message stopping.

Modifications of HLM series detectors

Based on this device, it is often possible to create special voice applications for different applications by simply changing the internal software – if you are interested in a similar device,
please contact us

  • HLM – 310 – in the version for installation in the switchboard.
  • HLM – 304 – for two announcements, the announcement is triggered by a switch on the panel.
  • HLM – 300 – for four announcements + rest announcement, separate box – especially for advertising.
  • Information boards with LED on map and/or voice output.
  • A control unit for children’s rocking cars that plays two sounds simultaneously and controls the running of the car’s motor and the flashing of the light bulbs according to the coins thrown and the program set.
  • Supplementing any detector with an input for a temperature sensor and implementing a talking thermometer(sample mp3, 150 kB), of course it is possible to measure and report other quantities (talking voltmeter, ammeter, tachometer…).

Operating program and documentation for download by HLM-390 detector subtype

  • HLM – 390 in basic version for 32 reports
  • HLM – 390/64 for 64/128 messages
  • HLM – 390/unit with individual trigger messages

Order and prices

HLM-390 detectors are in standard stock in piece quantities and are dispatched within 3 days. Delivery times for quantities over 10 pieces are usually in the range of 3 to 4 weeks (please enquire). Quantity discounts for orders over 100 pieces are negotiable.

Standard HLM-390 version up to 32 messages, selected by binary logic inputs and triggered by a single logic input
HLM-390 voice module incl. cards, standard: 32 messages, more than 5 pcs in stock, delivery within 3 days
excl. VAT 1590  CZK
incl. VAT 1924  CZK
Extended version of HLM-390/64 up to 128 messages, selected by binary logic inputs and triggered by one logic input. It is software selectable whether to use 64 messages or 128 messages. When using a total of 128 messages, the BUSY output is not available.
Voice module HLM-390/64 incl. cards, extended: 64/128 reports, more than 5 pcs in stock, delivery within 3 days
excl. VAT 1740  CZK
incl. VAT 2105  CZK
Special HLM-390/Unit to 7 messages, triggered by seven separate logic inputs
Voice module HLM-390/unit incl. cards, max. 7 reports by individual inputs, more than 5 pcs in stock, delivery within 3 days
excl. VAT 1640  CZK
incl. VAT 1984  CZK
Optional accessories:
Power supply for detector and/or amplifier, DIN rail or socket (please specify in the note) within 10 days
excl. VAT 2000  CZK
incl. VAT 2420  CZK



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