HLM-350 : Annunciator with built-in loudspeaker

Voice module with speaker for wall mounting

The HLM-350 voice module is an automatic acoustic detector for use in industrial, information and security technology.

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  • Record up to 3 hours of audio on an SD or MMC memory card.
  • Easily change the detector settings by replacing the memory card.
  • Two inputs for triggering messages with digital filtering of disturbances, one message can be triggered by a switch on the panel (up to hundreds of external inputs or controllers on the panel are available on request).
  • Power output 20 W / 4 ohms connected to the internal speaker. The sounder can also wake up other speakers (check).
  • Recording of reports to a memory card in the computer reader (included), a Windows application is supplied with the modules for convenient setting of module parameters. The card is only replaceable with this detector after removing the lid with a tool.
  • Possibility to upgrade the internal software (firmware) of the detector.
  • Option to add a time switch for triggering messages, additional RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet communication boards are available.
  • As a special modification, it is possible to add the function of reading numerical data from an analogue or digital input (e.g. reading of measuring instruments, machine status reports or traffic information).
  • On request, it can be equipped with a button or switch for switching off the detector, starting a test message, etc. As standard, there is an on-off switch that controls one message; in the version with an expander, there is a detector switch or a detector switch combined with a single message switch.

Parameters of individual messages:

  • Messages can be recorded with a sampling rate of 22,050 or 37 kHz, 12-bit resolution.
  • Possibility to set repeated triggering of messages if no input is activated for longer than the set time (version without expander).
  • Setting of message termination – immediate, slow or fast muting, prohibition of message stopping. (must be written in the order)
  • It is possible to enable random selection of messages triggered by input No. 1 – one input (e.g. from a motion sensor) can trigger up to five different messages (e.g. advertisements).

Modifications of HLM series detectors

The price of the detector is listed below for a purchase of 1 piece including memory card and 12 V socket adapter according to the selected variant.

We offer significant discounts (10 – 50 percent) for larger orders, please contact us by e-mail.

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  • HLM-350 – with built-in speaker in black, for wall mounting, indoor use (IP20).
  • HLM-350E – with built-in speaker in white, for wall mounting, outdoor use (IP54).
  • HLM-350T – with built-in speaker in black, for wall mounting, indoor use (IP20) triggering 2 messages according to time input

Order and prices

HLM-350 detectors are normally stocked in unit quantities and dispatched within 3 days.

Variants E and T are dispatched within 2 weeks of ordering.

Delivery times for quantities over 10 pieces are usually in the range of 3 to 4 weeks (please enquire). Quantity discounts for orders over 100 pieces are negotiable.

Basic model for indoor use
Voice module HLM-350 incl. cards, power supply, STOCK up to 5 pcs, delivery within 3 days
excl. VAT 6500  CZK
incl. VAT 7865  CZK
Improved model for outdoor use
Voice module HLM-350E incl. cards, power supply, FOR PRODUCTION, delivery within 14 days
excl. VAT 6800  CZK
incl. VAT 8228  CZK
Extended model for indoor use with time clock to play 2 messages at the selected time of day.
Voice module HLM-350T incl. cards, power supply, FOR PRODUCTION, delivery within 14 days
excl. VAT 7500  CZK
incl. VAT 9075  CZK



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