Ball possession indicator

The ball possession indicator is a device to simplify the communication of the recorders towards the players and referees on the field.
The mobile power option makes it easily portable and adaptable for a variety of sports and venues.

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1405 CZK without VAT

Description of the device

The ball possession indicator is a device designed to improve communication between referees and the orientation of players and coaches in sports such as basketball, volleyball and others. This device allows you to clearly and easily point the direction of the game, thus contributing to the clarity of the game. The indicator is powered by a USB adapter or power bank (not included), ensuring its easy mobility and usability at various sports venues.

The operation of the device is simplified as much as possible to make it possible to operate it even with less experienced operators. The rear panel is equipped with three indicator lights so that the operator can see the current status displayed from the front. The back panel will be supplied in black, please specify the white version in the notes.

and prices

Indicators are standard stocked in piece quantities and dispatched within 3 days. Delivery times for quantities over 10 pieces are usually in the range of 3 to 4 weeks (please enquire). Quantity discounts for orders over 100 pcs by agreement.

Ball possession indicator
excl. VAT 1405  CZK
incl. VAT 1700  CZK
Replacement 5V adapter, included
excl. VAT 155  CZK
incl. VAT 188  CZK
Extension cable 1.5 m, not included
excl. VAT 95  CZK
incl. VAT 115  CZK

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This is what the device looks like in practice

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