05. 1. 2024

We donated a pick and place machine to local high school

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We are happy to support young people in their enthusiasm for working with electronics, for example, we have been helping with children and youth competitions in radio electronics for more than 15 years.

When modernising our production equipment, we were left with an older Fritsch setting machine, which is no longer accurate and slow enough for most of our projects. The programming and the assembly technology in general is almost the same as with new machines, so we have dedicated it to the Trnkova School in Brno, where students will be able to learn how to assemble SMT PCBs.

On the occasion of the machine handover we organised a tour for the students – the amount of curious looks and questions was great! So we hope that some students will find their way to us as developers or production staff. And that we have shown that electronics development is beautiful, smart, and interesting work.


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