Children and youth competitions in radioelectronics

I am delighted to see the new vigour and development of electronics clubs for children and young people. I myself am a pupil of the electronics club at the CVČ Lužánky in Brno and I would like to thank Petr Matusek, Robert Kotzian, Petr Špatek and others for a lot of my knowledge – I therefore consider it my duty to help our company where we can.

Every year we cooperate with the organizers of the Children and Youth Radioelectronics Competition in Vyškov – since 2006 I have been a judge at these competitions and we also put together theoretical tests for the regional rounds (in 2011 the national round).

Below you can see what the tests look like. We deliberately do not list the last few years (2012-2019), as the tests are a bit repetitive, but the topics are still similar. [I. Strashil]

Master. Republic
Ž1 – up to 12 years Ž1 2006 Ž1 2007 Ž1 2008 Ž1 2009 Ž1 2010 Ž1 2011 Ž1 2019 Ž1 2022 Ž1 2023
Ž2 – 13 – 16 years Ž2 2006 Ž2 2007 Ž2 2008 Ž2 2009 Ž2 2010 Ž2 2011 Ž2 2019 Ž2 2022 Ž2 2023
M – 17 – 19 years M 2006 M 2007 M 2008 M 2009 M 2010 M 2011M 2019 M 2022 M 2023

(There is an error in one test (105/106), I am not aware of any other factual error.)

Apart from the tests we try to supply some of the rings outside Brno from time to time with spare material and equipment – and in return we get some very clever employees from these rings from time to time:)