We have been developing and manufacturing electronics for you for 20 years.

We will transform your idea, need or design in progress into a manufacturable, functional and certified device. What we invent, we can produce. Nice together, here in Brno.

Custom electronics development as well as piece and mass production of electronics are our daily bread. Every assignment is a challenge we look forward to! Our greatest love is measurement and control applications or medical applications.

We are EGMedical, s.r.o. , we use the egmenergo brand for our development activities and products.

We are one of the leading providers of electronics development services.

We started out as innovators in the field of nonwovens: a lot of electronics were needed for that. We have been offering electronics development services externally since 2003, and in recent years For 15 years, the company has been engaged almost exclusively in electronics development and manufacturing.

We are developers, not an assembly plant: we understand what we produce. In detail.

Professionals enjoy their work! We develop with love. We like to find smart and effective solutions.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete solution – from design and development to production. Our many years of experience in many fields and expertise enable us to provide the best possible service to our customers. Thank you for your trust in EGMedical.

Who we are

Our philosophy and background

We continue to try to solve problems in an open-minded, customer-friendly way, and if Mother Nature allows, we don’t tell: “I can’t!”.

The electronics department currently employs around 40 people, most of them developers.

We provide hardware and related software development services. Our technicians will also provide testing and certification.

The in-house production equipped with an assembly line provides support for development, prototype production and serial production of the devices developed by us.

Who we are

Our team

  • Ing. Ivo Strašil

    Ing. Ivo Strašil

    Head of Development, Managing Director

    Ivo has a major say in the conceptual design of our facilities. He specializes in hardware design for measurement and medical devices and advanced communication solutions – special protocols. Ivo is an innovator who helps us overcome our customers’ technical challenges and achieve new successes.

  • Ing. Jakub Chmelař

    Ing. Jakub Chmelař

    Software Architect

    Jakub is a programmer of applications running on single board computers. He is an expert in computer networking and advanced and high-speed data processing. His specialty is an excellent knowledge of Linux OS, including creating drivers for this system.

  • Bc. Martin Sekac

    Bc. Martin Sekac

    Production Manager

    Martin is the head of production, managing the PCB assembly and assembly of end products. It makes the production organisation run like a well-oiled machine. Martin solves technological challenges on the production line and ensures a smooth start and run of the serial production. It’s our quality guardian who makes sure our products are… just good.

  • Ing. Radim Vitek

    Ing. Radim Vitek

    Head of Medical Electronics Development

    Radim is one of our microcontroller programming experts. His specialty is medical projects, where he brings his experience in certification. Radim is our technical guru who can overcome any software problem.

  • Ing. Ondra Fišer

    Ing. Ondra Fišer

    Senior HW Developer

    Ondra is our specialist in the design of hardware for special measuring and control devices that are made to order: whether they are single pieces or mass production. Ondra is also responsible for fine-tuning and reviving the prototypes on site.

  • Arseniy Kuzin

    Arseniy Kuzin

    FW Specialist

    Arseniy is our embedded software and cloud communications specialist. Arseniy has the soul of a hacker and no unoptimized algorithm can leave his workstation. It’s our code guardian that makes sure our software is as efficient as possible.

  • Helena Strašilová

    Helena Strašilová

    Chief Accountant

    Helena is responsible for all financial operations of our company. Her work includes managing invoices, arranging payments and overseeing the company’s overall economy. Helena is our watchdog, making sure all our accounts are in order and that our business is healthy.

EGMedical, s.r.o.

History of the company

  • 2000

    Establishment of a company, originally focusing on medical production of non-woven fabrics (drapes, hygienic rolls).

    We had to develop our own machines: we started to offer the knowledge gained by developing their control systems in the form of custom development.

  • 2005

    The nonwovens business is gradually being phased out and contributes only up to 5% of turnover. New focus on electrical development and downstream production.

  • 2013

    First embedded Linux-based development projects.

    We are developing our own tablet.

    Realization of side cars in Capitol Wroclaw and Pilsen theatre.

  • 2015

    Purchase of the first assembly machine, start of serial production in EGM.

    Development of alarms and gauges for the supply of medical gases.

  • 2018

    Completed development and started production of measurement equipment for 5G networks.

    We are working on backup power management projects.

  • 2021

    We cooperate on HW and SW of top sewing machines.

    We have new premises in Filipínského, Brno.

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we have been offering custom electronics development for years.
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